COUPLE  SESSION - Just the two of you either at your resort beach, or wandering and exploring a natural location such as a beach, an island, the jungle,  a cenote, or other.
I love couples that are open to anything! Getting wild, weird and even dirty around a natural environments ; or interiors, if you are a local or you are visiting and staying at a villa, this may be the perfect location for some candid and loving photos between you two. Please ask this specific requirement if you would love an intimate session but don't have the perfect location, we can always find an Airbnb to shoot in!


WEDDING  PHOTOGRAPHY -  If you are getting married at your resort or having a Mayan Ceremony at some amazing venue in the nature, I would love to be a part of it and help you giving you advice on locations, details and professionals. I would love to give you on images all the precious memories from that special day, and tell your story in the most unique way.

I'm willing to shoot your wedding worldwide, just ask for my availability!


FAMILY  PORTRAIT  SESSION - Can vary according with how many people are included on the shoot and your personal preferences. The beautiful beaches all along the Riviera Maya, among with amazing locations in the jungle such as ruins or natural cenotes are the perfect background for family portraits. 


FASHION  PHOTOGRAPHY /  BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY  - These are a big passion of mine, I truly enjoy taking portraits, mostly in natural environments with the available light, but it would be possible as well to rent an Airbnb and make it more intimate and sexy!

This also applies if you are a solo traveller and you want pictures by yourself documenting your trip.


I can always accommodate to your personal preferences.  

As a worldwide photographer I would be more than happy and open to any inquiry all over the globe.


Thank you for taking the time to check my work and to consider me to be part of your special day. 
If you want to know further details and rates please fill the next form or email me to
I will happily answer all your questions as soon as possible!

Tell me your story and let's explore together!