About me 

We are light and darkness



Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I've been dedicated to the art and passion of photography from an early age.

Currently living in the Riviera Maya, México. But willing to shoot worldwide!

Always reinventing myself as a photographer. Always trying to get to the point where the picture I took a week or a month ago doesn't stop transmitting me things.
I always feel that the less I try the better it works out, It's just a matter of what branch of photography fits better with me in the different stages of my life.

I've found in portraits of persons going through their best or worst times a way to express them as much as myself, their feelings as much as mines, holding those moments and expressions still.

Everyone can relate with joy or pain, from those emotions we can create beauty. This are phases in our lives that we can all overcome, this feelings are ephemeral. So when people see my photos and get those feelings from their own perspective, and they somehow relate, makes it all worth it. 

A wedding is for most, one of their happiest days, full of emotions all around, and I love to capture that on a candid and natural way.

Just get in contact with me and tell me why you like photography and what are you looking for.